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How to Fix slowing Down of Computer Due to Mcafee Service.

McAfee is a great antivirus solution when it comes to protecting your computer against viruses, Trojans, worms, data theft or identity theft applications. But you may encounter a slowdown problem while surfing the internet, checking email, or browsing one application in another. The slowdown can occur for a number of reasons explained below in the McAfee Antivirus Support Guide. The guide will help fix some of the common McAfee antivirus problems that McAfee slowing down my pc.

How can I speed up my computer?

For decades, I've been helping people speed up their computers, and my experience shows that these three areas are at the center of increasing the speed of any computer.

I took computers that were 5-10 years old, made corrections in these three areas and produced them faster and more efficiently compared to new computers. Customers were not only satisfied with their recently modernized computers but also saved hundreds of dollars that they would spend on a new computer. Usually, every time someone goes out to get a new computer, this is mainly due to frustration at the speed of current calculations. If they made the existing computer run faster, they wouldn't have to buy a brand new one.


If you have low computer memory (RAM), there may be a delay on your computer when the McAfee anti-virus program installs updates, patches, etc. Many times such difficulties occur on older computers with low RAM. To get rid of the slowdown problem, add a new RAM disk to your computer. In other words, update your equipment.

If the network connection is slow, it may take longer to run a virus scan, download and install the latest McAfee updates than real-time scanning. Therefore, if you do something on your computer, such as browsing the Internet or checking emails while McAfee is running in the background, you may encounter a delay. Contact your ISP and request a high-speed broadband connection. Also, let McAfee run a virus scan or update when the computer is idle.

If you have a different anti-virus program on your computer along with McAfee, this can slow down your computer. This is because two antivirus programs always fight each other because they try to bring files to the computer at the same time. You always have to uninstall another antivirus program to make sure that McAfee runs calmly and correctly on your computer.

If you have an integrated firewall from the McAfee antivirus program (the newer version of McAfee has a built-in firewall), this can cause problems with your online connection. If another antivirus program is installed on your computer, disable McAfee antivirus. This will help improve your internet connection speed, making browsing faster.

Sometimes a badly written McAfee upgrade may also be to blame for slowing down your computer's speed. If you narrowed down the list to see if it is the software or your own computer that is causing the delay, uninstall the McAfee update. If you do not understand how to uninstall the McAfee update, restore the computer to its previous state. It can reverse any current changes, such as software configured on the computer. You can reinstall the software.

Tips added:

If the problem persists, contact the McAfee antivirus service.


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